An International Meeting on Research-Based
Physics Teacher Education

August 10(Fri), 2001

Seoul National University, Korea

Organized by

Department of Physics Education, Seoul National University


    Linkage of Research, Physics Teacher Education and School Physics Teaching


    To improve physics teacher education through exchange of study results and discussion with experiences
    about linkage of research, physics teacher education and school physics teaching


    Free to the ICPEC Participants. but early registration is required to Professor Pak(


    Expected to stay at SNU Hoam by registration thru ICPEC Pre & Post Session Application


    August 9 (Thursday)

    19:00 - 21:00  Welcome dinner for Meeting contributors from foreign countries 
                        (SNU Hoam, Etoiles room)

    August 10 (Friday)

    9:15     Registration (SNU Hoam Convention Center, Sweet Flag room)
    9:30     Opening address by Sung-Jae Pak (SNU, Korea)

Task1 : Linkage of physics research, physics teacher education and school physics teaching

    10:00     Plenary talk 1: Education of physics teachers in secondary schools
                : A Swedish approach, by Gunnar Tibell (Uppsala University, Sweden)
    10:40     Questions 1
    11:00     Panel discussion 1
                by Leonard Jossem (Ohio State University, USA)
                    Kwang-Sup Soh (SNU, Korea)
    11:30     Free Discussion

    12:00 Lunch (SNU Hoam, Crystal room)

Task2 : inkage of physics education research, physics teacher education and school physics teaching

    14:00     Plenary talk 2: Ownership and Transformation: teachers using
                curriculum innovations, by Jon Ogborn (Institute of Physics, UK)
    14:40     Questions 2
    15:00     Panel discussion 2
                by Matilde Vicentini (La Sapienza University, Italy)
                    Jinwoong Song (Taegu University, Korea)
    15:30     Free Discussion 2

    16:00     Refreshment
    16:30     Comprehensive comment
                by Vivien Talisayon(ISMED, Philiphines)
                    Ivan Tsekhmistro(Kharkor National University, Ukraine)
                    Jun Hee Yoo (Korea Institute of Curriculum and Evaluation, Korea)
    17:15     Free Comment and Discussion 3
    18:00     Concluding remark by Dick Gunston (Monash University, Australia)
    18:30     Closing address
    19:30     Dinner & round table informal talk(by Invitation at SNU Dongwon)
                by Edward F. Redish (University of Maryland, USA)
                    J. Sahm (Technische University Berlin, Germany)

    August 11 (Saturday)

    09:00 - 12:00     School Visit (optional)
    14:00 - 18:00     Scientific Exploration at the historical sites (optional)
    19:30 - 20:50     Invited dinner (at Korea House) 
    20:50 - 21:50     Folk performance (at Korea House)

Organizer :

    Professor Sung-Jae Pak
    T: +82-2-880-7751
    F: +82-2-880-7754

Assistant :

    Dr. Sungmin Im
    T: +82-2-880-8817
    F: +82-2-880-7754