How to get to SNU & knuE for ICPEC

We welcome you to the 2001 ICPEC and sincerely hope that your participation to be fruitful and enjoyable. Your airplane will arrive at the Icheon International Airport(IIA), which is about 200 km north from Cheongju, where the conference is held. Incheon is about 70km west of Seoul, where the pre and post sessions are held. This guideline is prepared for your convenience in traveling among these three cities. 

1. Airport of Entry

Your plane lands at Inchon International Airport (IIA). IIA is relatively new and limousine buses connect IIA and other big cities. See below for information about buses. 


2. Currency Exchange

Foreign currencies are not accepted in most shops in Korea. Some small shops do not accept credit cards. 

It is most convenient to have currency exchanged to Korean "won" at the Airport. 

Exchange rate changes continuously. It is about 1300 ~ 1400 won for one US dollar. 


3. Public Transportation to the conference buildings

-Way to the main conference building of Korea National University of Education located in Cheongju

(a) IIA - Cheongju 

(b) IIA - Seoul (Gangnam Express Bus Terminal) - Cheongju 

-Way to Seoul National University in Seoul (for participants of pre sessions)

(a) IIA - Gangnam Express Bus Terminal - SNU

(b) IIA - Seoul Station - SNU

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