Physics Education Research Center in Korea


A guide of Physics Education Research Center



This institute's main activity is to make various research projects consulted by the Committee of Chairpersons in Physics Education Department. Other purposes of this center are to encourage or co-work activities of the domestic physics education agency, and to communicate with international research group through the research, development, and educational services in physics education.



1. To research and develop the materials related to Physics Education

2. To hold the Contests for Physics Education majored students

3. To host the meeting for research presentation and discussion in Physics Education

4. To conduct any other R & D for Physics Education


2001 Projects

1. Research and Development of the textbook for Physics Education majored students

This project is to do research and development of the textbooks for Physics Education or Science Education majored students in co-operation with the research teams or groups of other universities.


2. Physics Cooperative Inquiry and Discussion Contest for Physics Education Students

This project is to hold the physics cooperative inquiry and discussion contest for physics education majored students.


3. Research presentation and Seminar about "Physics Education in cultural context"

This project is to do research about relation between Physics education and culture, and seminar for preparation of ICPEC.