2012-05-25 (Vol 9, No 5)

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A study on the working mechanism of astronomical clock in Sejong Era


Heumgyeonggaknu (ש, an alternative, namely Ongnu) is an astronomical clock was made by Jang Yeong-sil () in 1438 and it was designed to run on water-hammering method (̭). It is not only an automatic water clock that makes the sound at every hour on the hour by striking bell, drum and gong, but also an astronomical clock that shows the suns movement over time. The structure of Heumgyeonggaknu is divided into three parts, mountain(Gasan), flatland and support.

The appearance of Heumgyeonggaknu's Gasan (ʣߣ, pasted-paper imitation mountain) is divided into the top of the mountain, the foot of the mountain and the flatland. The sun-movement device, Ongnyeos (ҳ, jade female immortals; I) and Four Gods (, shaped of animal-like immortals) are equipped on near the top of the mountain.

Musas (, warriors) and Sasin (, time manager) are equipped on the foot of the mountain. Twelve Gods (), Ongnyeos(II) and Gwanin (ί) are equipped on flatland. In this study, we clearly and systematically understood the time-announcing mechanism of each puppet. Also we showed the inner structure based on working mechanism, shape of connector and control device of water wheel.

Keywords: Heumgyeonggaknu (Ongnu), Jang Yeong-sil, water-hammering method, water clock, astronomical clock, water wheel, time-announcing mechanism, time signal puppets

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